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Handle Series

Handle Series

SKU: H-7

The Strike Master H-Series Fire Starter is the perfect size for taking with you into the backcountry. Comes loaded with up-to 60,000 strikes of flint, easy to shave magnesium, and Strike Master's Signature Scraper! You will love this fire starting machine and will not want to leave home without it!


Choose from NOW four different sizes. 

  • Small H-7 (7,000 Strikes)
  • Medium H-25 (25,000 Strikes)
  • Large H-60 (60,000 Strikes)

    The Strike Master H-Series is the safest most dependable fire ignition tool on the market! Performs well in wet conditions, cold temperatures, and high elevations. With African Padauk Wood embedded into a handle and easy to shave Magnesium under the scraper shaft, the H-Series offers the most versitile ignition options in their offering! 


    Magnesium will burn at 5,000 Degrees!


    Small H-7

    • Up To 7,000 Strikes
    • 3/16″ X 2″ Flint, 3/8″ ChanneledMagnesium
    • Weighing about 1oz


    Medium H-25

    • Up To 25,000 Strikes
    • 1/4" Flint, 1/2" Channeled Magnesium
    • Weighing about 2 oz


    Large H-60

    • Up To 60,000 Strikes
    • 3/8″ Flint, 5/8″ Channeled Magnesium
    • Weighing about 3.5 oz
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