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With over 40 years in business, Strike Master Survival Tools are the safest, most dependable fire ignition tools on the market! Hand Crafted by Charles Houtchens;  built with African Padauk Wood and easy to shave Channeled Magnesium, our Fire Starters are second to none in craftsmanship and functionality.

In 1976 Charles' Father, Skeets, began his design process. Living out of his vehicle while he perfected his design, Skeets found the best quality products available. In 1981, Skeets started selling his products at the Portland Saturday Market. In 1988 Skeets youngest son, Charles, began to help his dad build and sell fire starters.

In the beginning of the 1995 season, Skeets fell ill, and passed away, leaving Charles to continue the business. 

Today, Charles continues to perfect and Handcraft these amazing products. 

 2018 will mark Charles' 30th year of sales at the Portland Saturday Market.


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