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SKU: F-60

The Strike Master F-Series is simply High Quality European Flint and nothing else! Don't worry about all the extras just pack this away and always have it when you need it!


The F Series comes in 3 different sizes and lengths. 

  • F-60: 3/8″ Diameter By 2 1/2″ Long
  • 4F-60: 3/8″ Diameter by 4″ Long with hole
  • 4F-100: 1/2″ Diameter by 4″ Long with hole.
  • Specifications

    3/8″ Diameter By 2 1/2″ Length or 4" Length

    High Quality European Flint

    Epoxy in your own handle or just have a compact flint.

    Comes with ball chain/leather string and Strike Master’s signature scraper.

    The 4F-60 and 4F-100 have a hole drilled in the end. This allows you to attach to a leather string or ball chain.

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